Sunday, August 29

Matching Dress and Jacket

I bought this fabric from Kish island (south of Iran) last February. There was only 3 meters left and it was on sale, $4 per meter.So, although I wanted to buy two meters  initially, I  bought the whole 3 meters for an extra bargain and paid $10.

In the beginning, I decided to make a jacket and a skirt out of that.

I picked this blouse pattern from Burda magazine 4/2006 
and modified it to a  jacket.

 I cut facing, cuffs and collar out of the side of the fabric next to selvage which was plain.

When I was almost finished with this jacket, I realized that the fabric had defects! My first reaction was the thought that it hadn't been a good bargain at all!

 However, I had sewn most of the jackets and I had to fix that. The defect was on the back of the jacket and luckily it happened to be around the waist line on the right side seam; it was an easy one to fix. I thought tabs would be a good idea for that.

I stitched the defect on fabric first in order to stop the hole becoming bigger.

And then finished the tab with a button.

I did a lot of  hand stitching: all facings and hem.

After finishing the jacket, I saw that I had enough fabric to make a dress instead a skirt. I picked this pattern from Burda magazine 9/2008.
and it turned out like that

The lining of the dress is black and the jacket has no lining.

There are plenty of black roses in this matching dress and jacket, so I called this project Garden of Black Roses.

After all, I still have enough fabric to make a skirt too. Isn't that good?!

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Mary said...

This is gorgeous! Nice save on covering the fabric flaw.