Thursday, July 22

Finally I'm back here!

I didn't write here for more than two months. What a shame!! I also have to sadly admit that I failed the challenge I set for myself! I was supposed to finish a garment every week for three months; but I only finished 2 dresses which I even didn't post photos of finished ones!

Last night, I thought that I might not be a blogger material and  I'd better close up this blog. Then, when I was reading my previous posts I came across this line in my second post " the most important thing is not to give up!"
so, I decided to keep going on.

Anyway, this id the dress I mentioned in  last post

And the second dress I made shortly after

It also can be worn with no belt

 And finally, I bought a tripod last week; so I'd be able to take more photos more often.


Soheila said...

nice :)

Libra-s said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment :)

Carolyn said...

Those two dresses look lovely! Glad you've decided not to give up...
Thanks for your comment on my blog!

Mary said...

Wonderful dresses...and I'm glad you didn't give up and that I found your blog!