Monday, February 10

Fruitful January

2014 started for me being very creative and active and I take it as a sign of having a year full of art and craft ahead of me.
In January, while I was back to my home country Iran, I made one blouse, one skirt, two tunics, two trousers, two dresses, and knitted one hat. Not bad, I guess!
I used my mum's old Husvarna sewing machine which only did straight stitches; and as I had no access to overlocker, I attached most pieces using french seam. Also, instead of normal bottons and buttonholes, I used snaps.

Unfortunately, I didn't take the chance to photograph all those projects; but here are some:

I shall have seperate posts with more photos of each project soon!

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SF said...

you did a great job... you need to mention that you made it in just one day! ... and yes, I am the lucky happy sister :)