Saturday, September 4

September is here

 September has come and I was excited for the Self-Stitched-September. I wore my hand made outfit on September 1st  and took photo, but when I turn my laptop on to upload my photos, I realized that the internet was down, and it was like that the whole day. And the day after . And again the following day. So, unfortunately I missed the first few days of this challenge!
Finally today, we came back to civilization of having internet.

And these are my outfits for the first 4 days of  the Self-Stitched-September challenge:

I made this shirt about a year and half ago. The pattern is from Burda magazine , probably one of the issues of 2008.

This tunic was sewn in 2003, again from Burda. the fabric is Crepe, and I used leather cord to go with that.

Another project from 2003.

I embroidered the collar and cuffs. 

I made this blouse when I was living in Brisbane, Australia in 2007.

The pattern is from Burda magazine with some modifications

I also finished the black pants I blogged about  in previous post.It turned out quite good. I will upload the photos tomorrow.

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Mary said...

Oh, great choices! And, I love the tunics with long jeans...I am looking forward to seeing more ensembles.