Friday, April 9

Yesterday, I began my challenge of garment-per-week. I picked this fabric for the first week project. This is a jersey I bought a few months ago and was the first jersey garmant I'm making for myself. I already sewed a couple of jersey for my mum, but none for me before.

The pattern I chose for this project is from BWOF 4/2009.

As always, I shortened the standard size 34 first, and after cutting the fabric, I realized I made a mistake I never thought I'd make! I should have cut the front skirt on fabric fold but mistakenly I didn't, and I ended up with a seam in the  front center of my dress!

Well... I couldn't do anything about that except telling myself that the fabric is fully patterned  and wouldn't show much.

I finished up the dress today and will post some photos tomorrow.

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