Tuesday, March 2

Long time since the first post! I should be more consistant on this. I had planned to update this blog every day :(

Anyway, Imade this dress for PINK &RED competition on Burdastyle website. I didn't buy any fabric for that. I just found these two fabrics in my stash. The width of both fabrics were 90 cm. I had only 50 cm of the fabric I used for the top, and 70 cm of what I made the skirt of.

I also machine-stitched on the skirt using  red thread.

The pattern for the top comes from BWOF 7/2008 and I drafted the pattern for skirt. It took me three days to finish this project. While I was making it, a couple of times this thought passed through my mind that why I was making it? It was not gonna get high point! I ignored my non-creative thoughts and kept making, and sent it to the competition. well, I only got two points but I'm glad doing this; because the most important thing is not to give up! Moreover, I now have a cute cool dress for summer :)

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